Current Openings


Three Important Steps

1.Relevant Resume Contents and Formats:

This is the very basic and first step, indeed the most important to introduce you to the employers. Every resume has been made with some relevancy of its own kinds, however an employer on an average would only spend 3 to 5 seconds of his time in finding the keywords in the resume which help him decide to shortlist your profile and give a call.



Jobs99 tool will not just help you in making the resume look good and relevant but will majorly design it as per the industry and the role you are targeting to or wish to get into. Expert’s advice is always specific to something which will be implied to your resume while understanding your actual profile relevancy at the same time.


2.Resume Notification on Job Portals :

Uploading your resume to portals like,, etc is of course the next step, however the process involved in it has a lot of columns and information TABS to fill, where usually everybody again tries to give relevant information in their own ways and styles. BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW THE EMPLOYER FINDS YOU?


Resolution :

Jobs99 will not only upload your resume but will also be giving importance to other odds around it which ultimately emphasize the common grounds of  jobseekers resume uploading process and Employers resume searching process. Since our experts are nobody but employers by genre and roles with in-depth knowledge of the mechanism involved in this process will guarantee to push this process up to 100% accuracy.


3.Extreme ONE-ON-ONE employer’s Notification:

Getting notified in the companies independently would be the FINAL level of effort an individual can make, out of which we are mostly reviewed by an AUTO MAILER saying “Thanks for your interest, our HR team will surely get back to you” goes with COMPANIES as well as OUTSIDE CONSULTANTS or PLACEMENT AGENCIES. Millions of Resumes and Few million companies that too categorized in MNC/SME further to different Industries, Functional for different Location across India.



Jobs99 is a tool specific for different industries and works on the grounds of roles and functions you want. This tool will help you communicating to the Recruiter of the companies or industry you decide through your resume. We SHOWCASE – SELL – HARDSELL your profile to the employers you want that too with the Desired and preferred LOCATION PAN INDIA only.


Everybody has to work, earn and grow “SOMEWHERE” sooner or later. BUT WHERE? That’s when we come in the picture, as JOBs99, and we will be the answer to that SOMEWHERE, with a 99% guarantee assured.


JOBs99 could be an answer to that “SOMEWHERE” up to 99% guaranteed.